Over the Rainbows

Have some Montana Rainbows to brighten up your evening 🙂


Lost Gods

Image Prompt. 30 Minutes

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Isla could always see them, hovering on the outside of her vision, hungrily waiting to emerge from slumber. She didn’t understand how she knew, but she always had. The gods from long ago, waiting for the word to break, that they may tear free from their slumber.

“Time for dinner honey,” Islas mother called to her. She had been watching the sea again.

Shapes swayed just on the outside of her vision, always eluding her when she turned to look at them. Ever just out of view. Her mother smiled in the distance.

“Come on, you can come back after we eat.”

Isla scuffed her tiny feet and kicked pebbles as she headed for the simple house with its pointed roof. Sometimes the flicker was little more than a thin shadow, but today was not one of those days as the constant flickering caused her eyes to constantly dart around. Her mother’s warm smile greeted her at the door and a soft had caressed her blue black tresses.

To her dismay and alarm, the flickers suddenly faded.

“Go wash your han—“

A sudden, violent shaking rocked the earth threw them down. Isla sat back hard, glad she hadn’t been standing on the steps. Her mother tumbled off the stairs and landed in the rock-littered sand with a sickening thud.

“No, they can’t have you,” her mother groaned and the tiny girl looked over, searching her mother’s horrified expression and the hand that she held over the gash on her head. She was watching the sea. Isla looked behind her, at the world shredded and cracked sea. Isla smiled.

She heard her mother’s sharp intake of breath as she stood up, adjusting her bright red raincoat and walking towards the vast expanse of water.

“No, Isla, not yet. Don’t leave me yet. You can’t go back!”

She left her mother in the sand, clutching crimson stained skin. She felt a tug, an unbearably urgent need to move towards the writhing mass that had erupted from the water. The voice shouting her name faded and now she could only see the great gods, emerging from their slumber.

Forging ahead, skipping from rock to rock with uncanny balance, she neared the edge, as far as she could go without being swept into the water. She waited, watching the last of the sun dip itself behind earth and clouds and sending fire to bathe the last of what it touched. She reached the last rocky outcropping before the sea swallowed the remainder.

She waited, arms outstretched, for Gods that were no longer flickers in her vision to take her home. She waited, welcoming them with open arms and a smile.

New Colors and an update!


Got some pinkness goin on up in hurrr!!! Thanks mom for the b-day hair :3 I love it! I wish to share it with the world!

Slowly chugging along with my editing of Godless. Ugh. Editing. I know its worth it, but so much work…. Someone give me some coffee or something. What do you do to get yourself into the editing “zone”? Anyone?

Yes, yes, back to editing.


Cross 2
“Drops stream on the tendrils of thought,
as the dawn slowly rises to its glory,
as the flood of Tears cascade,
to wash away your stains.”


bow“Given with affection.
Held dear, near and afar.

Such tender captivation.
The moon, sea and stars.”

Thank everyone that wished me a happy birthday ❤ Its been a good day; coffee, rats and pot roast.

Strawberry Lemonade

We watch the stars bend,

warp across the ocean.

Drinking strawberry lemonade

as we talk about the songs

while clouds drift by.

We imagine that time here

means nothing after all,

In these hazy summer nights.


As we wander along the mountains,

the valleys of the cosmos.

Discovering the footsteps

of loved ones long gone.

My friends,

we drift along the seas

built among the fields of wonder.


I wish to see all of your illusions.

Tell me of your childhood dreams,

rings of brightly burning hope.

Tell me when our minds meet,

if we have the ability to cope.

Another drink taken, among the milky way.

Another word spoken, filled with wishful things.

One more night spent, basking in your presence.

One more dream born, in this wondrous place.


We watch the stars collide,

merge across the ocean.

Sipping strawberry lemonade

as we talk about the symmetry

while clouds drift by.

We wish that time here

meant nothing at all.

In these lazy summer nights,

My friend,

wishing you were here.

Clover and Gold

“At the rainbows edge,
In the somewhere between,
lay the fabulous treasures,
To make her a Queen.”